PVC Nylon Rope

PVC Nylon Rope widely used in warehouses, cold storage of tools, reinforcement of protection, courts, stadiums, parks, the zoo fence, ocean fishing fencing and barriers, such as construction sites.

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PVC or Nylon Coated Wire Ropes may be stainless or galvanised. The thickness of the coating depends on its final use with guard rail wires needing a thick very durable coating whereas flying wires can have a thin coating. The coating must be stripped back before applying terminations.

PVC is a low cost, general purpose coating which is very flexible and easy to strip. Typical applications include, guardrails, catenary systems, washing lines, security cables, lock cable systems, barrier ropes, security cables and display purposes. Our general purpose grade PVC coated galvanised wire ropes can be used for all non-aerospace applications. 

Nylon is harder wearing but less flexible and considerably more expensive than PVC. It is ideal for working cables for example gym cables, roller shutter blinds and cannery cables. Nylon coating is less easy to strip. Unlike PVC-coated cable, nylon coating is suitable for working over sheaves.

Nylon 6 is hard wearing but not suitable for working cables, whereas Nylon 11 and 12 are. Also known as PA6, PA11 and PA12.

Packing Detail : Plastic Coil , Plywood reel , Plastic Coil +Pallet , Plywood reel+Pallet , or according to requirements. 

Products Characteristics : Not easily broken wire, wear, fatigue resistance, high tensile force, long service life. Can withstand the heavy load, high speed work under the stable running, high tensile strength, large carrying safety coefficient, good safety, have certain can be round, stainless steel material, anti-corrosion performance is good .


Products Application : Blast furnace shaft hoisting, lifting, oil Wells, belt conveyor, ropeway traction, the cable car, excavators, large casting crane, crane machine, hot steel, steel machine, ship loading and unloading tension masts of ships, suspension bridge, fishing net and so on. 



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