Fireman’s Helmet

The Fireman Helmet is specially designed firefighters helmet with injected plastic cap and inner adjustable harness. firefighters helmet provides a much-improved level of protection and comfort whilst minimizing helmet service and repair costs.

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These Fireman Helmet are specially designed firefighters helmet with injected plastic cap and inner adjustable harness. The size of the Helmet ranges from 54 to 62, with comfortable material near the skin, chinstrap with three fastening points and with fast opening buckle. The specification of Fireman Helmet is polycarbonate protective visor in smoked, anti-scratch and anti-steam. The advantage of this helmet is that it is only 800gm in weight with back neck protection cover. Flame retardant shell or Interior Basket Chin-strap, Puncture resist retractable PC face protector neck protection, reflective and luminescent stripes, are adjustable and can be used together with a protective mask under visor, easy to operate. Colour: Yellow, Red, and Silver-Grey. 


  • Press the button on top to hear the theme tune and character phrases.
  • Plays a series of sounds and phrases.
  • Features an adjustable strap.
  • Apron not included.
  • Classic Fireman Sam design
  • Encourages imaginative play.


The helmet has uses than just protection. If a firefighter is trapped on a floor of a burning building, he will toss his helmet out the nearest window, and signaling to others below on the street that he needs help.

Similar to military traditions, firefighters will decorate their helmets with personalized messages or stickers in addition to the reflective trapezoids already on the helmet. The helmet transcends from a simple piece of equipment to a kind of talisman—a piece of the firefighter's spirit.

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