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Vertical contour saws can cut aluminum, brass, stainless steel, mild steel, tough tool steel, copper and sheet metal, as well as non-metals like plastics, wood, fibrous materials and papers.All metal cutting, upright band saws are available in sizes to fit your requirements and feature band speeds that permit contouring, cut-off and machining of almost any material.

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A bandsaw is a power tool which uses a blade consisting of a continuous band of metal with teeth along one edge to cut various workpieces. The band usually rides on two wheels rotating in the same plane, although some bandsaws may have three or four wheels.

A vertical bandsaw, also called a contour saw, keeps the blade's path stationary while the workpiece is moved across it. This type of saw can be used to cut out complex shapes and angles. The part may be fed into the blade manually or with a power assist mechanism.

This type of metal-cutting bandsaw is often equipped with a built-in blade welder. This not only allows the operator to repair broken blades or fabricate new blades quickly, but also allows for the blade to be purposely cut, routed through the center of a part, and re-welded in order to make interior cuts.
                                                     These saws are often fitted with a built-in air blower to cool the blade and to blow chips away from the cut area giving the operator a clear view of the work. This type of saw is also built in a woodworking version.  
The woodworking type is generally of much lighter construction and does not incorporate a power feed mechanism, coolant, or welder.


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Metal cutting
Timber cutting

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    Easy maintenance
    Effective functioning
    Robust construction


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