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Rip Saw are designed by using optimum quality raw materials and components, with the help of state-of-the-art technology. Further, these rip machines has dimensional accuracy and trusted durability are used to cut thin woods and paper into precise chips.Main motor power ranges from 15 KW and so on,diameter of the blade is about 212mm and above.

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By integrating the saw spindle assembly into the frame in a fixed lower position, the system achieves greater stability and spindle integrity. Vertical thickness adjustment is made through a massive hinged pivoting motion and the potential for wear points is virtually eliminated. The undercutting principle also creates a less complicated dust collection system because the design works with gravity and the normal refuse path rather than against it.

A simple, yet nearly flawless spindle design that performs in the most demanding conditions and provides enduring operation. Diehl’s massive spindle housing, cradled with the machine’s frame, features precision oil lubricated bearings that control radial and axial movement. The ability to create either a hollow cut or a straight cut  to improve glueing integrity on either mechanical or high frequency equipment. Diehl’s unique chain tracking design (left photo) provides the ability to selectively create a hollow cut in the stock for greater glueing integrity. This is particularly important for panel producers where perfect glue lines are essential. Typical hollow cut (right photo) will produce a slight concave cut approximately .002” – .004” over a 4’ long board. This is shown with paper in the hollow. Both ends of board are tight.

Precision machined chains and chain track that provide more positive stock control and cutting quality. The Diehl chain features a milled face for uniform and absolute stock contact. This feature assures that once controlled by the chain and opposing upper pressure rollers, the stock remains secure in its straight line path through the machine. Diehl’s chain tracking design eliminates blade heeling and provides for the smoothes possible cut!

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