Mobile Scissor Lift Tables

A mobile scissor lift table is lifting equipment that employs a scissor mechanism to raise or lower goods. These tables are commonly used for raising large and heavy loads through relatively small distances. Such scissor lifts lend themselves to being easily adapted for a specific use and have a capacity use of 330kgs, 660kgs etc. The size comes in variety of sizes as per the requirement such as 19.7(W) x 41.7(L) x 34.6(H) or 20.4(W) x 50.0(L) x 37.4(H) etc.

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One of the most over-looked issues in the material handling industry is the safety of employees. The lifting, moving or transferring big blocks of materials between two or more elevations involving manual power can cause neck back or other body-part injuries. And in that case, these air lifts are great idea.

You can have mobility, it is fitted with push bars and high-quality bearing casters so you can easily use them around according to your facility by just rolling it where you need it and you can lower or raise your load to a convenient height by minimizing undesired lifting and reaching, a scissor lift table helps you to reducing injuries, fatigue, & product damage while lifting up your productivity.


Types of scissor lift tables:

I. Auto Leveler: This device is designed to assist operators while manually loading or unloading a palletized load. This equipment automatically gets lowered or raised to position the top of the load at a comfortable working height with every increase or decrease in the load weight.

II. Dock Lift: Lift tavel is generally 5 feet or less. Used at loading dock to load/unload material.

III. Pneumatic Lift Tables: Incorporates air bags or air cylinders as power source. These are simply connected to general plant compressed air supply.

IV. Hydraulic Lift Tables: It uses one or more hydraulic cylinder to power the lift up or down. Power source could either be electric or pneumatic.

V. Mechanical Lift Tables: Uses screw, spiral, gear, chain or lever systems to raise or lower the lift. Suitable for precise control applications.


Benefits of Mobile Scissor Lift Tables:

A wide range of industries depends on these scissor lift tables to get the things done in more easy and safer way. Various benefits which could be availed by using this machinery are:

⦁ Creating ergonomic and variable-height workstations.

⦁ Safer; more effecient palletizing.

⦁ Vertical positioning of heavy loads.

⦁ Transporting heavy equipments easily.

⦁ Enhancing productivity during work tasks.



•    Low-effort, manual foot pump models have an integrated hydraulic pump/cylinder assembly.

•    Rugged construction and premium-quality hydraulics

•    Allows Labors to easily shift and position loads at a convenient working height

•    MobiLifts increase productivity and decrease workplace injuries

•    High quality casters brake locks both the wheel and the swivel

•    Ergonomic push handle with convenient lowering control



Built for lifting applications under the toughest working conditions like great for stocking shelves in a retail setting, heavy machine shop applications, even in libraries or hospitals, moving heavy materials in a warehouse or factory, heavy machine shop applications, even in libraries or hospitals, this lift offers years of trouble-free operation. Heavy gauge steel assure you it goes the distance for you.

⦁ Vehicle loading and docking operations

⦁ Material positioning in machine feeding applications.

⦁ Load positioning.

⦁ Warehousing and distribution


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