Hand Operated Scissor Lift Table

Hand Operated Scissor Lift Table is also known as scissor lift table. It is available in blue, orange, red and other colors. The rated loading capacity of this machine is 350 – 1000 Kg’s and more. It can be selected according to the weight which ranges between 40 – 5000 Kg’s and more. It is used as a lifting equipment.

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Detailed Description:-

When it comes to lifting and moving small equipment and goods, the manual lift table is a handy piece of equipment which is hand operated and has a action foot operated hydraulic lift to raise the table to the desired level. It also has a hand operated table descent control and overload-pass valve which protects the operator and pump. The table is made of heavy duty structural steel and is ideal for use in supermarkets, warehouses, libraries etc.
Scissor Lifting operations in construction occur during transportation of material from the storage place to processed place, and during the processing of materials. A load includes people and material that is to be lifted or lowered by lifting equipment.
Scissor Lift tables mainly used in workshops and warehouses where small-scale mechanical ascent and descent for objects is optimal.
The four most important features of scissor tables are :

Capacity: The maximum weight the table is suitable to burden. Tables capable of lifting short tons or more are common.
Size: The physical dimensions of the lift table.
Stroke: The capability of elevation of lift table, from contraction to full expansion.



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