Glass Cloth

A fibreglass Cloth cleans dirt and fingerprints from glass and mirrors without streaking. Clean any glass surfaces including mirrors, windows, crystal, porcelain and other hard non-porous surfaces leaving no lint, streaks or spots. When used in combination with a glass cleaner the results are amazing.

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Detailed Description for Glass Cloth

Glass cloth is a textile material, developed to be used in greenhouse paneling, allowing sunlight's ultraviolet rays to not be allowed, while still allowing visible light through to plants. The cloth is usually woven with the plain weave, and is patterned in different ways, though checked cloths are the most common. The original cloth was made from linen, but mejority of the quantity is made with cotton warp and tow weft, and in some cases they are composed entirely of cotton. Thort fibres of the cheaper kind are easily removable from the cloth.



·         This fiberglass fabric is made of continuous fiberglass yarns

·         It is smooth, soft and compact

·         It has outstanding function: low weight, high strength, high heat-resistant, thermal resistance, non-flammable, anti-corrosion, good exectrial insulation and environment protection.


·         Not only great for cleaning glasses, the Glass Cloth is the perfect cleaning solution for all sorts of delicate surfaces.

·         Very soft to the touch, effectively cleaning up dirt and grime without scratching or leaving a mark on the glasses.

·         Strong quality cloth


·         It could be used in fields of electrical, ship building, automobile, chemical, construction and fire proof.



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