Rubber O Ring

The Rubber O-ring may be used in static applications or in dynamic applications where there is relative motion between the parts and the O-ring. Dynamic examples include rotating pump shafts and hydraulic cylinder pistons.

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Rubber O Ring

O-ring is also known as toric joint or packing is a mechanical gasket, which is available in torus shape and is a loop of elastomer. It is designed in a round cross-section that can be comfortably seated in a groove and is condensed during assembly thereby completely sealing the surface.

It is widely used in static applications and dynamic applications where the relative motion between assembly parts and O-ring exists. Dynamic applications includes, but not limited to, hydraulic cylinder pistons and rotating pump shafts.

O-rings are most common seals used in machine design because they are reliable, inexpensive, and easy to make, and have simple requirements of mounting. They can seal tens of mega Pascal’s (thousands of psi) of pressure. It is used as seals in applications where there is relative motion.

Manufacturing O-Rings

Normally, the O-rings are manufactured through extrusion, pressure moulding or transfer moulding or injection moulding processes.


Rubber O-rings are available in various types, designs and shapes. Normally, the size of an O-ring is specified by the inside diameter and the cross-section diameter. Besides the standard specifications, rings are also designed in non-standard sizes.


Rubber O-rings seals a wide range of pressure, tolerance and temperature

It is easy for use with zero spreading or re-tightening

It doesn’t have critical torque on tightening hence it doesn’t cause any structural damage

They need less space and are light weight

It can be re-used multiple times when compared with crush-type gaskets and non-elastic flat seals.



Seals are completely leak proof and can withstand up to 5000 psi

O-Rings are manufactures to seal reciprocating pistons and cylinders satisfactorily

The seal pressure are applied alternately on either sides

O-ring seal are radially compressed between the bottom of the seal and the cylinder wall


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