Sensor is an object that senses/identifies the programmable changes in the environment and delivers the corresponding output. There are different types of sensors and every sensor is programmed to detect changes according to the user requirement.

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A sensor is a type of transducer that gives different types of programmed outputs that conveys particular information. Normally, the output is given using optical and electrical signals. For instance, a thermocouple sensor generates voltage signals in response to the outer temperature. Similarly, a mercury-in-glass thermometer converts the measured temperature into contradiction and expansion of liquid that can be easily read on a calibrated glass tube.

Sensors are widely used in our day to day activities. For instance, that we use touch sensitive lift buttons that can take you the desirable floor. Similarly, if we select multiple buttons, it automatically prioritizes the least selected one and stops at that particular location. However, with the invention of micro-controller and micromachinery the use of sensors has extended beyond expectations. Since then, the sensors are not limited for certain fields such as temperature, pressure and flow sensing.

The sensors output is indicated based upon its sensitivity level. Sensors are designed in such a way that it can easily identify the programmable changes within the device and send output signals in a programmed way.

Types of sensors

There are different types of sensors as listed below;

Pressure sensor

Ultrasonic sensor

Humidity sensor

PIR motion sensor

Displacement sensor

Gas sensor

Gyro sensor

Acceleration sensor

Force measurement sensor

Color sensor


Used to sense the changes in the surrounding environment

Monitoring and controls applications efficiently

Most accurate readings

Constant monitoring

Immediate response and action taken as per programmed


Automatic washing machines

Central heating systems

Automatic greenhouses

Burglar alarm system


Environment monitoring

Burglar alarm system and voice recognition system

Chemical manufacturing















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