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This Closed-circuit television (CCTV) are also known as video surveillance, is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal, on a limited set of monitors. These are available with various specifications such asHeight (mm) : 73, 88, Image Sensor : 1/3 inch CCD, 1/3 inch Color CCD,1/3 inch CMOS, IR Distance (mtr) : 20, 25, 30. LENS : 2.8-12 mm fixed lens, 2.8/3.6/6 mm fixed lens, Resolution : 1MP/1.3MP/2MP/3MP/4MP, Width (mm) : 88, 102.

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Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras can produce images or recordings for surveillance purposes, and can be either video cameras, or digital stills cameras. 


Can record straight to a video tape recorder which are able to record analogue signals as pictures. If the analogue signals are recorded to tape, then the tape must run at a very slow speed in order to operate continuously. This is because in order to allow a three-hour tape to run for 24 hours, it must be set to run on a time lapse basis which is usually about four frames a second. In one second, the camera scene can change dramatically. 

These cameras do not require a video capture card because they work using a digital signal which can be saved directly to a computer. The signal is compressed 5:1, but DVD quality can be achieved with more compression (MPEG-2 is standard for DVD-video, and has a higher compression ratio than 5:1, with a slightly lower video quality than 5:1 at best, and is adjustable for the amount of space to be taken up versus the quality of picture needed or desired). 

IP cameras or network cameras are analogue or digital video cameras, plus an embedded video server having an IP address, capable of streaming the video (and sometimes, even audio).

Because network cameras are embedded devices, and do not need to output an analogue signal, resolutions higher than closed-circuit television 'CCTV' analogue cameras are possible. A typical analogue CCTV camera has a PAL (768×576 pixels) or NTSC (720×480 pixels), whereas network cameras may have VGA (640×480 pixels), SVGA (800×600 pixels) or quad-VGA (1280×960 pixels, also referred to as "megapixel") resolutions.



-Monitor all exit and entry points of your premises.

-Prevent theft before it occurs.

- Monitor break-ins and intrusions when you are away.

-Secure your assets from illegal access from outside and within.



Offices, Schools, Banks, ATMs and Homes



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