Hand-Held Metal Detector

These Hand-held metal detectors are an integral part of the physical security screening process. These are used in airports, events and in sensitive areas.

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Hand Held Metal Detector that combines high reliability and ergonomics with advanced detection and operator signaling features. Effective sensitivity to all metals, full compliance with the latest Security Standards and high immunity to external metal masses are among the main peculiarities of this device. Features a special ergonomic design consisting of an offset hand grip which ensures that the operator’s hand does not interfere with the sensitive detection area. Special care has gone into the mechanical design of the detector. Absence of sharp edges or corners allows the detector to be passed smoothly over the inspected area without getting caught in buttons, buckles, folds or other parts of clothing.

Key Features:

-Ultimate sensitivity: detects medium sized pistol from 9" distance; large knife from 6"; razor blades and box cutters from 3" distance; foil-wrapped drugs and tiny jewelry from 1".

-Self-calibrating: digital microprocessor technology eliminates the need for periodic sensitivity adjustments.

- Latest plastic materials technology: The metal detector casing is made from next-generation technical polymers. These plastics offer high chemical resistance and mechanical strength ensuring a long detector life even in heavy duty conditions.

-Advanced alarm indication:The alarm signalling modes include: optical alarm proportional to the intensity of the detection signal; acoustic alarm with a tone which is proportional to the size of the object detected; vibration alarm signal.

-Unique Angled Design

-Rugged Construction

-Detects All Metals



Additional Benefits

* The circular opening assists in pinpointing metal objects

* Comfortable handle for easy control and grip

* Lightweight 260 g (9.3 oz.) with battery

* Wrist strap



Detects all metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous.



Three (3) sensitivity settings

Detection performance:

* Level 1: small handguns and knives

* Level 2: razor blades, handcuff keys

* Level 3:.22 caliber bullet, metal shanks



3-way push-button operation:




NiMH rechargeable battery or 9V alkaline battery. Low battery indicator, both visual and audible.



Audible and visual alarm indication.

Optional Headset.


Rugged Construction

High impact resistant ABS case.


It offers the ability to detect guns, knives, razor blades, box cutters, foil-wrapped drugs, and handcrafted weapons in mass-transit and prison screenings. It does not require adjustments, and can detect ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel weapons, contraband, and other metallic objects. It offers an audible or vibrating alarm, as well as a red LED light to indicate the detection of metal.

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