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An ATM Cheque Drop Box is an electronic banking outlet that allows customers to not just withdraw money but also deposit their cheques.

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An Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) is automated machine provided by banks to perform tasks like cash withdrawal without a teller.

There are primarily two types of ATM machines available :

1. Basic - This ATM machine allows user to withdraw cash and get reports on their account statements.
2. Complex - This ATM machine performs additional tasks from basic model like Cheque deposit, credit payments etc.
ATM-Cheque-Drop-Box displayed here is a complex ATM machine providing more than basic features to the customers. Customers can deposit their cheques without visitng their bank branch with the help of this machine.

Working of an ATM-Cheque-Drop-Box :

1. User needs to enter the account number or insert the debit/credit card in the ATM machine.
2. When the user selects a cheque drop facility, the ATM machine waits for the user to drop the cheque with MICR code on the right side.
3. Once the cheque is accepted, user can opt for receipt of cheque deposit. This is optional.

Once the cheques are deposited, customers can check status on the bank’s website or app. 

ATMs are becoming popular and more customers prefer doing their transactions at ATM rather than bank branches. This is a welcome gesture and reduces the burden of bank tellers and increases customer satisfaction. Thus, an ATM-Cheque-Drop-Box is a another useful service for the bank customers.

Advantages of using  ATM-Cheque-Drop-Box

1. Customers can deposit their cheque through the simple and fast cheque drop box  installed in their bank’s ATM outlet.
2. Customers receive Immediate receipt
3. No need to spend time filling cheque deposit slips


4. No time is wasted standing in long queues anymore.
5. Any user with respective bank’s account number in which he or she wishes to deposit the cheque can use the ATM-Cheque-Drop-Box of that bank.






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Seema S

Ergonomics of ATM Machine Posted on 8/18/2016

An ATM machine is a typical example of human machine interaction providing functionalities like security, storing user data, processing user data and the banking operations. While purchasing any kind of ATM machine, ergonomic features are also necessary to keep in mind. The Screen height, Keyboard height, cash slot height etc are important features of an ATM machine and they improve customer experience.

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