Electro Services provides a solution to buy any kind of electro-mechanical or microelectrochemical systems and also provide assistance in designing or fetching engineering services or electro-equipments ranging from as small as SMPS Battery Charger or any personal device to as large as HVAC systems or mining equipment. The services include everything from Installation to Repair and could be accessed either directly on-the-field or online.

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Such services provide the amenity for any kind of electro-equipment or electro-mehanical product.

Power Systems: Embedded electrical system could be built in an innovative and cost effective fashion. Underground reticulation schemes could also be get done in rural, residential or industrial areas.

Helicopter Line Works:   1. Wire Stringing and Conductoring

                                   2. Pole Installations

                                   3. Transformer Installations

                                   4. Thermal Imaging

                                   5. Street Lighting

Thermal Imaging: Thermal imaging cameras could be installed; either from the ground or aerial platfrom and can be used to detect and determine the potential faults in electrical installations and power lines. Checks on switch-boards, transformers or any other application can be done where heat needs to be detected using thermal imaging.




Fibre installations within the building could be done.


Refrigerator and Air-Conditioner.




Installation of digital terrestrial television platform.


Electric Work.








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