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Transformer Services include Variable transformer; Transformer start-up and commissioning; Field Maintenance and Repair; Workings Replacement; Electrical Testing; Oil Processing, Sampling and Enquiry; Engineering Services; Warranty and Emergency Maintenances. Service can be counted on to maintain the performance quality, dependability and life of the transformers throughout your electric power structure by providing complete transformer service solutions.

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About Transformer services

 Transformer services includes Transformer oil testing and analysis, Transformer fluid sampling and visual inspection, Transformer leak repairs and re-gasketing, Transformer oil re-refining, degassing and dehydrating, Transformer and Circuit Breaker reconditioning

Services are mentioned below:-

Start-Up and Commissioning

It includes Transformer Installation and Testing, Circuit Breaker testing, Circuit Switchers, Battery Banks and Chargers, Air Switchers, and Relays.

Service, Maintenance and Repairs

It includes recommended maintenance, scheduled routine servicing and component repairs, including bushings, connections, circuit breakers, electrical and electromechanical assemblies, gaskets, pumps, coolers, fans, valves, gauges, and tap changers.

Oil Handling, Processing and Analysis

Oil processing services metined below:-

·       Removal of water vapors (free stand or oil dissolved)

·       Removal of particulate material

·       Acid neutralization

·       Degasification: remove dissolved gases such as Ethane, Methane, Hydrogen, Acetylene,Ethylene, Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide

Sampling & Analysis

Sampled transformer oil is analyzed periodically using gas chromatographs, spectrometers, and other specialized testing equipment. Test results show the types and amounts of contaminants and how they have changed from year to year. Contaminants occur as a result of aging, overheating, leaks, or other performance problems.

When the oil samples are collected, a complete visual inspection of the transformer is also performed. Leaks, cracked bushings, inoperative gauges, low oil levels and other defects are identified and noted. Nameplate and other operational data are recorded to help develop maintenance recommendations. A transformer engineer reviews the inspection reports and test results, analyzing prior performance history, usage and age of the transformer. A written report and trend analysis of the sample results, visual inspection, and maintenance recommendations are provided to the customer.

Electrical Tests

·         Insulation Resistance

·         Power Factor

·         Frequency Response Analysis

·         Transformer Turn Ratios

·         Leakage Reactants

·         Winding Resistance

·         Current Transformers (CT)

·         CT Saturation

·         CT Ratio

·         Polarity Check

Emergency Services and Diagnosis

·         Electrical Diagnostics

·         Equipment Repair

·         Oil Analysis, Restoration & Treatment

·         Forensic Failure Analysis/Investigation



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