Non Destructive Testing Sevices

Non Destructive Testing methods is one of the most used analysis technique, which is used widely in inspection and evaluation of materials and systems without damaging its future usefulness. Some of the common techniques used such as Visual and Optical Testing, Radiography etc. NDT equipment service is widely used in Rail Inspection, Aircraft Inspection, and more systems.

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About Non Destructive Testing services

Nondestructive testing  use various test methods to evaluate an object, material or system without harming its future usefulness. Non-destructive testing is often required to verify the quality of a product or a system. Most Commonly used techniques are

  • AET - Acoustic Emission Testing
  • ART - Acoustic Resonance Testing
  • ET - Electromagnetic Testing
  • IRT - Infrared Testing
  • LT - Leak Testing
  • MT - Magnetic Particle Testing
  • PT - Dye Penetration Testing
  • RT - Radiographic Testing
  • UT - Ultrasonic Testing
  • VT - Visual Testing (VI - Visual Inspection)

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