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Telecom services include all kind of telecom related tasks including installation, electrification and maintenance. We have a team of expert professionals executing turnkey projects for various industrial clients. All the services are structured to meet the needs and budget of our clients.

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We offer highly professional and streamlined Telecom Services. Our reliable and flawless services are available at very competitive prices.

Telecom services include an array of services apart from voice and data services over a large area. The pricing points for the different services vary widely and may be different for different scale of businesses.

Various types of telecom services provided are :

1. Network Services

Network services include connection with conventional analogue, ISDN lines, or VOIP/SIP with help of our channel partners. We can organize installations and migrations too for the customers whether small or large scale businesses.

2. On-Site Surveys and Audit program

We offer a professional on-site survey to ensure the customer requirements are met now, and for the foreseeable future. We also offer an audit service of your existing lines and services and make our recommendations.

We are highly organized team and make sure our work would have minimum disruption to the customer’s business operations.

3. Installation of Towers

As part of our portfolio, we offer the installation services of telecom towers. With the help of industry experts, we can handle the legal and technical formalities needed for the installation of telecom towers.

4. Deployment of telecom networks and equipments

Whether it’s an existing business, or a new office development, we work with our client’s IT department, Office Administrators or Engineers to provide our clients with a top performing voice and data network.

Telecom Services can install complete cabling solutions including RF cables, fiber optics efficiently in a short period of time.

5. Maintenance

With a team of skilled engineers we can provide a comprehensive maintenance cover. We have the knowledge, expertise and resources to provide customers with not only the best but also most cost effective maintenance solution.

We also offer premium Tower maintenance services. With our vast experience in this sector, we provide a highly reliable team of engineers to take care of the telecom tower.

 We do offer maintenance and support on the entire range of the systems supplied by us. The range of maintenance covers range from an economically annual contracts or "one time” visits if required.

6. Mobilization of Manpower & Equipment 

We have resources to provide with the skilled manpower and technical support to handle all the telecommunication needs of the companies. 

Advantages of reliable telecom services:

1. Enhanced communication – Telecom services like telephones, Internet devices etc. would be available to all the client’s customers and their employees seamlessly.

2. Better Team collaboration - Telecom services help employees to access and communicate easily and aid their joint ventures like product development etc.

3. Improved Flexibility – As more and more employees work remotely, the importance of communication services cannot be stressed more. A reliable telecom service will enable the flexibility needed for a company to conduct its business.

4. Premium customer service – Communication is an important means of reinforcing the brand between the companies and their customers. For this every business needs a dependable connection.





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Seema S

Service level Agreement (SLA) Posted on 8/18/2016

While availing any telecom maintenance services make sure you create a service level agreement (SLA) with the service provider. There are many key elements to be evaluated in a SLA like description of service, service standards, duration, roles and responsibilities, customer service etc. Most important of all is parameters for quality of service. These parameters can be technical say measured in terms of service availability and also organisational say reaction time, notification time. With clear SLA parameters, there is always a reduced risk of loss of business for the clients.

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