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Signages are of prohibitory nature. They indicate restrictions on various activities. In hazardous areas like chemical complex, textile mills, petroleum plants, spinning mills, laboratories these signage play an important roll.

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Prohibition signage used in various fields. Manufacturing complex like textile mills, jewellery units, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, chemical complex, petroleum complex, work shops, machine shops, fabrication shops, ships, submarines, boiler rooms, chemical plants, etc. these prohibition signage are widely used. Prohibition signage are also used at institutes, offices, commercial complex, malls, supermarkets, etc.

These signages are mostly prohibitory nature. They indicate restrictions on various activities. In hazardous areas like chemical complex, petroleum plants, textile mills, spinning mills, laboratories these signage play an important roll. 

Some of the important signages are as follows

  • No smoking

  • No naked flames

  • Do not touch

  • No entry for unauthorized personnel

  • Do not drink

  • Do not operate

  • No maintenance during running

  • No oiling or cleaning during running this machine

  • Do not extinguish with water

  • Do not switch on/off

  • No parking

  • No exit



Safety Signs are immensely important for overall road safety and are used by governments and traffic authorities all over the world. Safety signs or road safety signs are usually kept in particular zones along important roads to ensure better security of drivers and motorists. These are markers that inform drivers about the maximum speeds they can drive at and also indicate turnings or roads where one cannot turn. Drivers should understand each and every sign properly, and this is usually taken care of while giving the driving test for the license. Speed limit signs are usually ignored by several motorists and even students do not quite pay much heed to the same. We have often seen grievous accidents and mishaps in places where there were no proper road safety signs and symbols. 
The No Entry sign is another important signage and should always be paid attention to by drivers. Entering a no entry zone is definitely a strict no-no for drivers. There are several safety warning signs as well which are placed on roads including the stop sign or signs of men at work. These have to be noticed by drivers in order to avoid terrible mishaps. Additionally, there are several other signs and boards which are used for commercial buildings and offices in addition to industrial zones. There are several kinds of signs available online, and you should definitely take your pick from a wide pool in this regard.

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