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Steel angle is a hot rolled, mild steel angle shaped with inside circular corners that are ideal for all structural applications, general repairs and fabrications. Steel angles are mainly used in industrial maintenance, agricultural implements, transportation equipments, housing constructions etc. Steel angle is also available in galvanized coated finish. It is mostly available in two colours, viz. white and grey and it bears a tolerance of ±1% to ±3%.

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Angle steel is also known as angle iron and consists of variety of mechanical components depending on the various needs and requirements. It is significantly in use in making of beam, bridge, transmission tower, ship industrial furnace etc due to their circular inside corners.

The steel angle sizes are:

25 × 25 (1" × 1" × 2mm). 

40 × 40 (1.1/2" × 1.1/2" × 4mm). 

50 × 50 (2" × 2"× 4mm). 

50 × 50 (2" × 2"× 5mm). 

50 × 50 (2" × 2"× 6mm). 

60 × 60 (2.1/4" × 2.1/2"× 5mm). 

75 × 75 (3 × 3 × 6mm). 

80 × 80 × 6mm. 

80 × 80 × 8mm

Steel angle belongs to building carbon structural steel and is a simple section steel. This steel needs to have good weldability, plastic deformation properties and mechanical strength. The main raw material of such steel sheets is steel billet that is a low carbon steel. Finished steel angle is hot forming or hot rolling state delivery.



There is a wide variety of applications in which this kind of steel beam is used such as walls, ceilings, balconies and other structures. There are many steel suppliers selling angle steels that are primarily used in constructions of homes and buildings. Apart from buildings, there are many other things too in which steel angle could be utilized. Some of its practical applications are building frames, bed frames, chairs and benches, industrial shelves etc. 

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Seema S

It's durable and I am happy. Posted on 8/11/2016

Do check with the weldability and mechanical-strength of the steel angle.

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Seema S

It's durable and I am happy. Posted on 8/11/2016

Do not forget to check with weldability and mechanical strength of steel angle!

Handy Is this buying tip helpful? Handy it!