Lancing Pipes

Lancing Pipe that is extensively used in electric arc furnaces, blast furnaces, basic oxygen furnaces, open-hearth furnaces and non-ferrous smelting furnaces. Lancing Pipes are manufactured using superior grade metals and are available in various customized diameters, length and cross sections.

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Large furnaces are non Tilting in Type and use bottom pouring method to take out the Molten Metal through the Tap Hole. When the Tap hole needs to be opened the same is done with the help of a High Frequency Induction Welded Low Carbon Mild Steel Tube which can sustain 750 PSI Pressure without leaking of Suitable Size 8mm and 15mm NB or even 25mm NB in certain Cases. Oxygen at high pressure is injected through these tubes into the Tap Hole and the molten metal starts flowing. Depending on the type of Ferro alloy or Steel Plant or Copper or Zinc Smelter the Consumption of the Pipe is determined. This lance pipes are basically used to open the Tap holes of Bottom Pouring Furnaces.


Lancing Pipes are given a calorising treatment under high temperature they are coated with ceramic materials on the inner and outer surfaces. The outer ceramic coating is heavy and held by Studs, for heavy coated VOD lance pipes.

Pretreatment is done for bringing down the sulphur content in the Hot metal coming from the Blast Furnace but before charging to Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) or Electric Arc Furnace (EAF). Reagent is injected into the hot metal through a vertical lance. Flow of reagent is controlled through carrier gas with the help of various valves and pipes fittings.




  • Induction Furnaces, Blast furnaces, Basic oxygen furnaces, Open-hearth furnaces, Non-ferrous smelting furnaces
  • End Finish & Protective: Oxygen Lance Pipe are available a range of end finishes and protective that are desirable for preventing contamination






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