Precision Seamless Pipes

Precision Seamless Pipes have Dimensional accuracy,Sturdy construction and Low maintenance.These pipes are used in Petrochemical industry, Nuclear plants, Cement industry etc

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Precision seamless pipe is a pipe material producing by a cold drawn process with high precision and high-quality finish. Due to the characteristics of high-precision, in precision machinery manufacturing, auto parts, hydraulic cylinders, construction (steel sleeve) industry has a very wide range of applications.




  • Longer functional life
  • High tensile strengthhigh precision, saving the loss when the quantity of machining users.
  • Specifications, a wide range of applications.
  • Cold-rolled finished products, high precision, good surface quality and straightness.
  • Steel pipe inner diameter can be made hexagonal.
  • Steel pipe superior performance, the metal is relatively dense.


  • Petrochemical industry
  • Nuclear plants
  • Cement industry




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