Sheet metal galvanization is a process of coating a metal layer iron or steel with zinc to prevent it from rusting. They are widely used in places that require corrosion resistance at a cost efficient rate. Galvanization shields the metal sheet by forming a protective coating preventing exposure to atmosphere.

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Galvanized metal sheets are a class of materials that have a high resistance to deterioration of metal since they carry a protective coating that voluntarily sacrifices itself to atmospheric corrosion saving the metal underneath it.
Galvanization is a method of coating iron or steel sheets with a layer of zinc. A metallurgical bond between zinc and steel/iron forming an alloy of zinc-steel or zinc-iron. The zinc coating protects the iron or steel sheet by giving a cathodic protection.
The Process of galvanization involves the following steps:
1.    The metal sheet which is to be galvanized is cleaned using caustic solvent to remove grease and dirt.
2.    The sheet is again cleaned with acidic solvents to remove mill scales.
3.    Once the solvents are rinsed off, the metal sheet is dipped in a flux solution to remove traces of oxides form its surface.
4.    Finally, the sheet metal is dipped in molten zinc solution at a temperature of 460-degree Celsius. A series of zinc-metal alloy layers are formed on its surface creating a metallurgical bond.
5.    This process is carried out for a duration of five minutes followed by air cooling and quenching into water.
•    Low cost protection: Galvanization is cheaper compared to other commonly used coatings for steel.
•    It requires less maintenance: The coating comes with a long life and requires less maintenance.
•    Reliability: The coating life and performance are reliable and predictable.
•    Protection for damaged areas: a sacrificial protection is offered even for small unexposed areas of steel/iron.
•    Fast erection time: Galvanized metals are ready to use. No time is lost in inspection and surface preparation.
•    It is independent of weather conditions, i.e., the coating remains unaltered in all seasons.
1.    HOT DIP GALVANIZATION: immersing the base metal into the metal to be coated. This process gives a relatively thick coating of zinc.

2.    METALLIZING (ZINC SPRAY): spraying frozen molten zinc. The coating is less brittle and does not peel off on bending the metal.

3.    SHERARDIZING: Heating the articles to be coated with zinc powder at a temperature of up to 400-degrees to enable diffusion bonding of zinc with the metal sheet.

4.    ELECTROGALVANIZING: Immersion of iron/steel into an electrolytic solution of zinc sulphate. Thickness of the coating can be accurately controlled.

5.    MECHANICAL PLATING: A mechanical deposition, imparting a cold welding on the workpiece.

6.    ZINC RICH PAINTING: Zinc dust pigments added in to paints can be applied in situ.

•    Galvanized metals were used in cornices and wall ornaments.
•    Door and window hoods
•    Decorative shingles designed for home décor
•    Sheet nails made form hot-dipped galvanization
•    Roof ornamentals like cresting and finials
•    Galvanized pipes and tubes
•    Pressed steel water tanks
•    Power generation and transmission
•    Infrastructure development
•    Telecommunication towers
•    Building and construction



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Determine the gauge thickness of the sheet metal Posted on 8/18/2016

Galvanized zinc sheets have a direct correlation to gauge and thickness. This means, while all other metals show higher gauge rating for lower thickness, zinc metal shows higher gauge rating for higher thickness. Hence, one must consider using a sheet metal gauge chart to calculate appropriate thickness of the metal sheet.

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