FE 600 TMT Bars

TMT Bars Fe-600 made in adherence to the various ISO standards, the bars depict very high bend ability and have also superior re-bend ability features. The bars have low carbon content and advanced elongation properties that exhibit excellent yield and ductility characteristics.

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TMT bar Stans for thermo-mechanical treated bars. When the cut ends of TMT bars are etched in Nital (a mixture of nitric acid and methanol), three distinct rings appear: 1. A tempered outer ring of martensite, 2. A semi-tempered middle ring of martensite and bainite, and 3. a mild circular core of bainite, ferrite and pearlite. This is the desired micro structure for quality construction rebar. In contrast, lower grades of rebar are twisted when cold, work hardening them to increase their strength. However, after thermo mechanical treatment (TMT), bars do not need more work hardening. As there is no twisting during TMT, no torsional stress occurs, and so torsional stress cannot form surface defects in TMT bars. Therefore TMT bars resist corrosion better than cold, twisted and deformed (CTD) bars.

Chemical Composition of Fe 600 bars
Constituent Percent, Maximum
Carbon 0.30
Sulphur 0.040
Phosphorus 0.040
Sulphur and Phosphorus 0.075


For any grade, including Fe 600, it is not imperative to add micro alloying elements. In case of strengthening elements like Nb, V, B, Ti being used individually or in combination, the total contents shall not exceed 0.30 percent.


Mechanical Properties
SL No. Property Fe 600
1 0.2 percent proof stress/yield stress, Min., N/sq. mm 600
2 Elongation, percent, Min., on gauge length 5.65xSq root of A, where A is the cross sectional area of the test piece. 10
3 Tensile Strength, Min.

6 percent more than the actual 0.2 percent proof stress/yield stress but not less than 660.0 N/sq. mm


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