DC Drive Panel

DC Drive Panel extensively used in various industrial applications. The DC Drive Panels provide good service support for the drive systems and find varied applications in different industries like sugar, paper, food, chemical and pharmaceuticals.

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·         Energy saving

·         Efficient

·         High strength

·         Smooth functionality

·         Low maintenance

·         High functionality

·         Super performance

·         Low maintenance

·         Strong construction

·         Long service life

·         Compact

·         Shock proof

·         Polished Finish

·         Corrosion resistant

·         Speed Control or Constant Speed



·         Used to save the power in the industries where there is huge power requirement like sugar mills, steel plants, refineries, thermal power plants etc.

·         For controlling and monitoring the DC drives

·         Widely used in chemical, pumping, food processing, automotive and various other industries

·         Heavy machinery

·         Automotive industry

·         Electronics and telecommunications



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