Power Relay Module

Power Relay Module has features of Free wheeling Diode across coil and Positive Looping for Coils. Operating temperature of this modules will be 0 to 70° C. It can be used in interactive projects and can also be used to control the lighting, electrical and other equipments.

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A power relay is a switch which uses an electromagnetic coil in order to close or open a circuit. Power relays also contain an armature, a spring and one or several contacts. If the power relay is designed to normally be open, when power is applied, the electromagnet attracts the armature, which is then pulled in the coil’s direction until it reaches a contact, therefore closing the circuit. If the relay is designed to be normally closed, the electromagnetic coil pulls the armature away from the contact, therefore opening the circuit.



·         Bolt Installation-Module Type  Single AC solid state relay

·         One-way SCR chip antiparallel NO output.

·         DC-AC DC Signal control AC load.

·         Optoelectronic devices Isolation.

·         Zero crossing / Random Trigger Form.

·         Built-in RC absorbing circuit.

·         LED Status Indicator

·         Freewheeling Diode across coil

·         Positive Looping for Coils

·         Snubber for Power Contacts



·         Industrial automation instalment

·         AC motor control

·         Intermediate relay

·         Solenoid valve control,

·         Numerical control machinery

·         External guidance system

·         Computer periphery connection

·         Illumination

·         Stage lighting control

·         Electric stove

·         Heating

·         Warm control

·         Street light

·         Signal light

·         Traffic light

·         Gensets Starter ON/OFF

·         Automotive electronics

·         Audio amplification

·         Telephone systems

·         Home appliances

·         Vending machines



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