PLC Card Relay Modules

PLC relay, consisting of base terminal block PLC-BSC with screw connection and pluggable miniature relay with power contact, for assembly on DIN rail NS. The channels will be vary in 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 relays.

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PLC Interface Relay is the interface between automation equipment and system peripherals with high switching capacity.  PLC relay saves wiring costs thanks to the convenient pitch - free plug- in bridge system. Space on the DIN rail and as a consequence, more control cabinet area.

PLC Relay provides comfort and service with actuator and sensor versions that accommodate on all the connections of sensors and actuators directly at the interface. By the simply replacing the relay without disconnect the wiring. PLC relay simplifies installation with integrated input and protective circuit. Potential connections through the option of bridging all important potential. 

The PLC relay series can be used universally & consist of basic terminals block & pluggable miniature relay with PDT contact. Input & Output interface is possible. The versions input voltages from 5V to upto 230 V meet the demands of every industrial application. An input circuit – consisting of a status display, free-wheeling and reverse polarity protection function is integrated in the module.

Residual currents at AC outputs effect occurs when electronic AC outputs supply leakage currents. This is the case with many AC initiators and PLC AC output cards. The leakages currents often reach several mA and can also lead to conventional relays falling to work properly.



·         Screw Type Connections

·         Switching Status through LED

·         Freewheeling Diode Provided

·         Fuse at contact of each relay with fail indication

·         Standard Interfaces for the control cabinet to connect Multiposition I/O modules

·         FRC and D-Sub Terminations



·         Industrial automation instalment

·         AC motor control

·         Intermediate relay

·         Solenoid valve control,

·         Numerical control machinery

·         External guidance system

·         Computer periphery connection

·         Illumination

·         Stage lighting control

·         Electric stove

·         Heating

·         Warm control

·         Street light

·         Signal light

·         Traffic light

·         Gensets Starter ON/OFF

·         Automotive electronics

·         Audio amplification

·         Telephone systems

·         Home appliances

·         Vending machines



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