RCCB Four Pole(F.P.) AC TYPE 240/415V 50Hz -ANCHOR Make

RCCB's which are called as "residual current circuit breaker" or elcb "earth leakage circuit breakers" These are used for tripping the circuit when leakage current starts flowing or in case of earth fault. These are used especially in rooms where people are working, to avoid getting shocked as current starts flowing through wall etc.

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Enhance the fortification of your haven with the perfect security of our new RCCB from Panasonic. Equipped with the special high short-circuit current withstand capacity of 10kA (DP), 6kA (FP) and IP20 protection will shield your abode from earth fault/ leakage current.


  • Elegant appearance
  • In case of leakage current, RCCB trips that enables a quick solution to the faulty line
  • Equipped with finger protected connection terminals
  • Auto disconnection of circuit in occurrence of earth fault / leakage current exceeding the rated sensitivity
  • Visual ON-OFF Indication and Test Button “T” for periodic check up
  • Truly Current Operated, operates even at very low voltage
  • No nuisance tripping and trips within 300 milliseconds in the event of fault
  • Bi-connect terminals for busbar as well as cable connection
  • Simple and robust operating mechanism
  • Flame proof body and cover, does not melt / drip even at high temperature.
  • Truly Current operated, operates at very low voltage.
  • No nuisance tripping.
  • High short-circuit withstand capacity for DP 10 kA & FP 6 kA
  • Bi-connect terminal facility to connect either cable or bus bar.
  • Large terminal size 50 sq. mm.
  • IP 20 protection, Finger – touch proof.

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