Tripping Relay

Tripping Relay are elite, metal finished and best in accuracy. They are used for control panels. They are easy to install. They are designed for use with series connected operation indicators and series seal - in units on protective relays.

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A relay is an electrically operated switch. Many relays use an electromagnet to mechanically operate a switch, but other operating principles are also used, such as solid-state relays. Relays are used where it is necessary to control a circuit by a low-power signal, or where several circuits must be controlled by one signal.



·         Trouble free performance

·         Simple installation

·         Superb strength

·         Durable

·         High performance

·         Robust structure

·         Unmatched quality

·         Longer life

·         Efficient

·         Seamless finish

·         Robust

·         It offers advance measurement functions, communication functions & additional protection function over and above the traditional

·         Current protection: LSIG, Zone Selectivity

·         Other Protection: Earth Leakage (optional), Unbalance, Reverse Power

·         Measurement Function: Current(R/S/T/N), Power Factor, Frequency, Demand

·         Full set of communication architecture



·         Suitable for high speed tripping duties where a number of simultaneous switching operations are required.



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