Intelligent economic soft starters

Intelligent economic soft starters various protection functions such as overload, short-circuit, ground protection, insulting monitor protection, under voltage protection, over voltage protection, three-phase imbalance, long distance short-circuit protection.

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Soft starters can be set up to the requirements of the individual application. In pump applications, a soft start can avoid pressure surges. Conveyor belt systems can be smoothly started, avoiding jerk and stress on drive components. Fans or other systems with belt drives can be started slowly to avoid belt slipping. Soft starts are seen in electrical R/C helicopters, and allow the rotor blades to spool-up in a smooth, controlled manner rather than a sudden surge. In all systems, a soft start limits the inrush current and so improves stability of the power supply and reduces transient voltage drops that may affect other loads.



-          Advanced soft starter type: "voltage control type" and "current limiting type".

-          Capacity to motor effectively, so it could save the cost.

-          Intelligent, digital and single chip control.

-          Man-machine conversation function.

-          Delay starting function. Operation current displayed.

-          Failure self-diagnosis.

-          Natural wind cooling. Space saving.

-          Can reduce the starting stress of motor and other loading equipments, so that lengthen their service life.

-          The function of soft stopping can solve effectively the surging problem of inertia system when stopping.

-          The perfect and reliable protection features, can give the effective protection to the operator's safety as well as the motor and matched equipments.

-          The application of intelligent and network technique make the EM-GJ type Soft Starter meet the high -tech development of Electrical force automated technique effectively.

-          The reliable function and quality is the basic of the best service.


Function and characteristic:

1. Five kinds of start mode:


- Ramp voltage starting: In general which use for starting stationary higher Occasions, output voltage waveforms

- Current limit starting: In general which use for strict requirement for starting Current, the motor current changes waveform

- The sudden jump of 10 ramp voltage starter: For heavy-duty too much motor can not turn due to static friction occasions.

- The sudden jump of 10 current limit starting: For heavy-duty too much motor can not Turn due to static friction occasions.

- Heavy load and Strong shock starting: For difficult to start when heavy-load

2.  Applicable motor: squirrel-cage type three phase asynchronous motor, motor rated power should match with the soft starter.

3. Starting frequency: Does not require, the specific number of times depending on load conditions

4.  Cooling method: Natural air-cooled

5.  Various protection function: over current, three phase current not balance, over hot, lack phase, Moto overload

6. It can find starting current and max operation current online


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