Vacuum Contactor Soft Starter

A contactor is an electrically controlled switch used for switching an electrical power circuit, similar to a relay except with higher current ratings. A contactor is controlled by a circuit which has a much lower power level than the switched circuit.

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Soft starters can be set up to the requirements of the individual application. In pump applications, a soft start can avoid pressure surges. Conveyor belt systems can be smoothly started, avoiding jerk and stress on drive components. Fans or other systems with belt drives can be started slowly to avoid belt slipping.

Soft starts are seen in electrical R/C helicopters, and allow the rotor blades to spool-up in a smooth, controlled manner rather than a sudden surge. In all systems, a soft start limits the inrush current and so improves stability of the power supply and reduces transient voltage drops that may affect other loads.

Vacuum contactors main used for AC 50-60hz, main circuit rated voltage 3.6kv below the rated current from 160A-1600A power network systems for remote making and breaking and frequent starting and control of AC motors, transformers and capacitor banks and other occasions.

 Vacuum contactors utilize vacuum bottle encapsulated contacts to suppress the arc. This arc suppression allows the contacts to be much smaller and use less space than air break contacts at higher currents. As the contacts are encapsulated, vacuum contactors are used fairly extensively in dirty applications, such as mining.

Vacuum contactors are only applicable for use in AC systems. The AC arc generated upon opening of the contacts will self-extinguish at the zero-crossing of the current waveform, with the vacuum preventing a re-strike of the arc across the open contacts.

Vacuum contactors are therefore very efficient at disrupting the energy of an electric arc and are used when relatively fast switching is required, as the maximum break time is determined by the periodicity of the AC waveform.



-          With protect sensors to realize the protection of conveyor. Having the intelligent para-position function of running deviation, stay and longitudinal tearing.

-          Adopted the Siemens PLC as the control core. Very easy to achieve network centralized control, support profibus, industrial Ethernet communication.

-          Adopted embedded human-computer interaction interface, which can display the operation condition of each equipment, motor current, temperature, fault situation and inquire failure record, urrent and temperature curve.

-          The pilot circuit of the device is intrinsically safe circuit, which can effectively prevent spontaneous starting accident caused by controlling short circuit or grounding. 


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