Crystal Clear Mounting Tape

Crystal clear mounting tape is also known as double sided tape. The thickness of this product is 220-320mic and the roll width ranges from 1040mm onwards. It is adhesive on both the sides and the adhesion persisting strength is 24Hrs. The adhesive type of this product is hot melt, pressure sensitive and water activated. It is applicable in graphic lamination, mounting of photograph.

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Crystal Clear Mounting Tape thin permanent mounting tape for lamination of even surfaces excellent adhesion to almost all materials like plastics, foils, wood, glass, and metals with excellent flatness Suitable indoor and outdoor UV-stable, PH-neutral.


It is designed to stick two surfaces together, often in a way which is invisible at the end product, due to it being in between the objects rather than overlapping them. This allows for clear looking of the projects and better craftsmanship. Double-sided tape can be either thin or dimensional. The dimensional tape is thicker and is  particular use to retail and used where it can be used to allow signs or displays  with a 3D effect.


Double-sided tape is created by applying a thin adhesive layer to all the side of a carrier material. For example, double-sided tissue tape, an easy-to-rip double-sided tape, is created adhesive to two sides of tissue paper, which is then wound with a silicone paper to avoid it sticking to itself. Most adhesive tapes are manufactured in log form, such as a large 1 to 3-meter wide roll, and then an adhesive tape converter is used to split the rolls into the required widths.








>Excellent adhesion to almost all materials like plastics, foils, wood


>Heat Resistance.


>Smooth Finish


> Permanent and permanent/removable bonding


> Double sided, self-wound tape construction


> Specialized acrylic adhesive


> Multi-seasonal application and service


> ranges for outdoor applications


> Moderate thickness, good softness, suitable for different use space


> Good flexibility, prevent components moving when shaken


> Good holding power, good adhesion to the rough complex surface.


> Good resistance to temperature and solvent; comply with ROHS environmental standard


> Surface release material: white paper /another colored release film


> Backing material / color: Black /White PE foam


> Adhesive: light white solvent pressure-sensitive adhesive








> Flexibility for use in a multitude of


> signage and graphics applications


> Rapid on-site construction


> Allow for easy “peel and stick” applications


> Clear version for glass attachment








> Moisture, UV and high


> temperature resistant


> Excellent conformability


> Gap filling and shock absorption


> Clear version for glass


> attachment (AFB 6610C)


> Self-wound construction allows for rapid on-site construction and “peel and stick” applications


> Multi-seasonal application (50°F-150°F) and service (50°F-185°F) temperature ranges


> Self wound construction allows for rapid off-site construction and “peel and stick” applications


> Multi-seasonal application and service temperature ranges (FM 2945) 








It is designed for adhering to the irregular surface, fixing the nameplate, auto-mirror and often used in the automobile industry such as door sealing strips, pedal, and metal boards. Especially suitable for the fixation of inner structure in the glass combination like the glass curtain wall and soundproof wall etc; also used to stick the car decorations and for the combination orientation of sound source inside the voice box.



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