A name tag or label or sticker wore at the outermost layer of the product to display the holder’s or user name. Name labels are available in various sizes, dimension, animated or in plain form. It is widely used by children to name their books and bags.

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A name label, which acts as a signage is made with different materials such as paper, polymer, metal, cloth, sheet and other materials affixed with glue on one side and appealing graphics on other side. The name labels are available in different colors and dimension that are put on things such as books, lockers, lunch boxes, children room and to name a few. Name labels are also represented with the term “stickers”. Normally, children are fond of these stickers and to appease children, manufacturers release the name labels consisting of popular cartoon characters, animation, graphics, and eye-catching colors and so on.

Name labels are not only limited for children use, but is also used by various industries as a part of their marketing campaign. Brand stickers are designed to promote and advertise company’s product and services. The name labels are temporary and can easily removable. However, there are few labels that are durable. Nevertheless, it is vital to specify the glue type and durability while purchasing these stickers as it is available in both wear and tear type and permanent type. The temporary name labels are made of good quality paper with a pressure sensitive adhesive on one side whilst the permanent name labels are made of lightweight metal or plastic.

The name labels are attached to the garments and these labels can be wear and tear or permanent. Plastic or metal name tags are attached to various materials. There are many types of permanent name tag backing including locking pins, military clutch pins, alligator clips, magnetic backings and smart phone attachments.


Displays your name and company logo accurately

Easy to write on smooth finish labels

Available in different shapes and sizes to match customer needs









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