Morgue Toe Tags

Morgue toe tag is also known as toe tag. The size of this material is 100860mm; the thickness is 0.22mm, 0.5mm and so on. It is applicable for corpse identification and its design is customizable. It is used in morgue for identification of a death person.

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Morgue Toe Tags is to organize and identify the visitors in your morgue. Corners and morticians handle people during a sensational and emotional time. Protect the integrity of your workplace with a very simple, durable tag.








A convenient and efficient means of corpse identification, eliminating the possibility of guesswork or mix-ups.


Grommets add increased durability and won't tear at the holes.


With custom options, you have even more room to document important details to help organize your space.




Delicate design, fine craftsman-ship, superior quality, reasonable price

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