Warning Tape

A warning tape is a brightly colored ribbon strip made up of plastic materials such as polypropylene, nylon or polyethylene, used to mark an area of danger. These strips are usually 2-10 mm in thickness and at least 4-6 inches wide. They often come with a warning text printed in bold on the tape.

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Barricade tapes come with a bright color combination of red-white or yellow-black colors to warn or catch attention of passerby in an area marked with a possible hazard. It acts like an obstruction to prevent accidental entrance to the area of danger. Thus it improves general safety. It is also known as construction tape, hazard tape, caution tape etc.

The colors of the tapes are specified by ANSI and OSHA international standards. Hence, the use of PVC tapes must comply with the government set regulations.

Red-White: Fire prevention and Protection Board

Black-White: Aisle marking & Housekeeping 

Magenta-Yellow: Radiation Hazard 

Green-White: First Aid & Safety

Blue-White: Machinery defects

Orange-White: Caution and Traffic Warning

Yellow-Black: Physical Hazards

The tape is wrapped and fixed to a visual warning sign or a demarcation. 

Warning tapes are used in,

1. Commercial building or construction site.

2. Road works and construction

3. Accident or a crime scene.

4. Inoperative machinery or a dangerous piece of equipment

Types and Applications:

1. Construction tape: 

This tape is mainly used in construction zones to notify people about ongoing construction within the demarcated area. The tape employs a printed text, warning labels and readable signs. This tape is found at sites of renovation, demolition, repairs. 

2. Hazard tape: 

It is used in locations containing substantial hazards such as electrocution, risk of exposure to toxic chemicals etc. each of which indicates different classes of threat. These typically come in magenta- yellow combination indicative of radiation poisoning.

3. Traffic control tape: 

This type of barrier is used to control vehicle traffic. They act as temporary traffic signals to redirect traffic. These typically come in solid orange or orange-white combination. 

4. Law enforcement tape: 

The police tape is used to isolate public and preserve a crime scene. The tape will be colored yellow-white or yellow-black combination.

5. Firefighter tape: 

This tape is used in places that have fire-related risks such as smoke inhalation, fly ashes, and particulate matter. They are indicated by red-white combination strips.



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Seema S

They are color coded! Posted on 8/18/2016

The buyer should be aware of the color codes set for warning tapes by ANSI standards. For example: red-white implies fire protection and safety, magenta-yellow indicates radiation hazard, green-white says safety and first aid etc.

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