Dew Point Meters

Dew point meters are also called hygrometer,they are used to measure the air quality or the humidity content in the air in a system.Accuracy ranges (degree) are -2,2,-0.5 etc.Temperature ranges are(degree) -18,-40,80.Number of channels are 1 to 64 channels,Operating temperature is 0℃~50℃,they are extensively used in workshops, offices ,libraries and so on.

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A dew point meter is an instrument used to measure the air quality (moisture level) in a dehumidifying drying system.By Cooling at constant pressure if the temperature of air is reduced, the water-vapour in the air will start to condense at a particular temperature. This temperature is called dew point temperature.




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  • This instrument is used on ships to protect cargoes from condensation damage by maintaining the dew point of air in holds lower than the cargo temperature.
  • Used in industries for determining dew point.



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