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Temperature humidity meter is also commonly called humidity meter.They are used to check the environments temperature and humidity.The Humidity is 10~90%RH,Weight : 0.06kg ,0.3kg,Humidity temperature range is - 260-400.Working voltage is 5Working voltage : 5-24VDC-24VDC.The cooling method is by air or water and its application is in the production,scientific department and pharmaceutical departments.

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Temperature and humidity meter is a portable gadget. It shows the environment's temperature and humidity by the digital format, matched with the advanced circuit and structural design, and has the advantage like stable quality, high precision test, explicit digital display, convenient to use and precise test. It is widely used in production and scientific fields such as electronics, medical treatment, hygiene, biological technology, aviation and spaceflight, it is an ideal tool for pharmacy manufacturer and quality supervision department to carry out GMP rules.




LCD Display : temperature and humidity display simultaneously.

Time Display

Data storage can be inquired.

Data print:  printed via a printer (it is optional)

Storage data can be deleted item by item

Temperature displayed with centigrade and Fahrenheit degree

Ergonomic Design with Belt Clip and Protective Holster

Measures Dew Point

Wet Bulb Temperatures and Low Battery Indicator






Medical treatment


Biological technology








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