Wall and Desk Hygrometers

Display temperature, humidity and time simultaneously,Memory of MAX & MIN measuring value,12/ 24 hour displaying system selectable.Temperature range(degree):-10 to 50,-10 to 60 etc. Humidity range:0 to 100%,10 to 85%,10 to 99% etc

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A Hygrometer, also known as a psychrometer, is an device that is used to measure the humidity in the air. A common way these devices work is by using a material that attracts moisture, and that changes depending on how moist it is. The probably simplest method of these is to use a human hair. The hair will change length, depending on the moisture.Hence,it calculates the relative humidity of a particular place

A hygrometer has two bulbs: one wet and one dry. Both bulbs are traditional thermometers, though one is covered with a wet towel. After a period of time, the water on the wet bulb evaporates and at that time, the temperature is measured on each bulb. The difference between the temperatures is noted. Then each is used on a chart to find the relative humidity of that temperature and area. A small difference between the temperature of the bulbs shows a high relative humidity coming from a low evaporation rate. In dry air, evaporation happens faster showing a large difference in temperature thus giving you a low relative humidity.


  • Display temperature, humidity and time simultaneously
  • Memory of MAX & MIN measuring value
  • 12/ 24 hour displaying system selectable
  • ° C/ ° F unit selectable
  • Integral-hour alarm function
  • Clock & Calendar function ( month and date) 
  • Desk-top placing or Wall Hanging








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