Hydraulic Pressure Testing Machine

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machines that have applications in testing the Hydrostatic Pressure. These machines are available with advanced technology features in order to provide accurate and the best results.

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 Hydraulic System:


 The hydraulic oil tank driven by high-pressure pump into the motor oil, flows through the unidirectional valve, high pressure filter, pressure valve, servo valve, into the cylinder. Computer control signals to the servo valve, Control direction and opening of the servo valve, to control the flow into the cylinder, achieve constant test force control.

Hydraulic machines are machinery and tools that use liquid fluid power to do simple work. Heavy equipment is a common example.In this type of machine, hydraulic fluid is transmitted throughout the machine to various hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders and becomes pressurised according to the resistance present. The fluid is controlled directly or automatically by control valves and distributed through hoses and tubes.The popularity of hydraulic machinery is due to the very large amount of power that can be transferred through small tubes and flexible hoses, and the high power density and wide array of actuators that can make use of this power.

The testing machine is mainly used for brick, stone, cement, concrete and other building materials, Compressivestrength test, can also be used to test the mechanical properties of other materials.HydraulicSystem:The oil tank is sucked through the filter screen and be inhaled pump oil ,through the petroleum pipeline of oil pump transport to oil valve,When the hand wheel to send off the oil, due to the role of oil will push the piston, the oil from the return pipe to tank, when the hand wheel to open get the oil, then the working fluid into the fuel tank through the tubing, pressure tubing through and through oil return valve to tank.

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