Steel Cylinder Molds

Steel cylinder molds are used to test the concrete. The sizes of this product available are 100*200mm, 150*150mm and 150*300mm; the weight range is 5.5-13.2kg; the dimension is 140x140x210mm and 185x185x 60mm. It is a material of plastic steel which is used for compressive strength tests.

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Concrete Cylindrical molds are used for ensuring that concrete delivered for a project meets the requirements of a job specification and to a quality control. For testing, a compressive strength of a concrete is cast and stored in the field until a concrete hardens in accordance with the requirements of ASTM C31, Standard Practice for Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens in the Field.


• Acceptance testing for specified strengths,

• Verifying mixture proportions for strength,

• Quality control by concrete producer  



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