Carbide Rotary Burrs

The Carbide rotary Burrs are small cutting tools also known as burr tool used in die grinders, rotary tools, or dental drills. carbide Burrs are a rotary analog to files that cut linearly .Rotary burr usually comes in black and white colours.its length ranges from 20mm-60mm. The burr tool is made using the HSS carbide.The rotary speed ranges from 12000-30000 rpm.

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Rotary Burrs also called debur is a tool used for grinding purpose used by Pneumatic or electricaly chaarged Grinder. This burr is made for using on extremely brawny metals. The edges of the burr are exemplary and sharp.The body of the burr is highly combatant to rust. Moreover ,this burr is widely used in industries, forgeshop and workshops. The caride rotary bburrs are suitale for large cast piece cutting continuous and discontinuously, and resists heating type of steel, durable steel milling and digging. Carbide rotary burr is used for construction purpose as well.


Longer life

High tensile strength

Fine finish

Resistance against abrasion

Available in Nimonic steels, stainless steels, satellite, hard bronze etc

positive cutting edges



The burr is used in foundries, forge shops and workshops.


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