Diamond Dresser

A diamond dresser is a cutting tool with diamond grains fixed on the functional parts of the tool via a bonding material or another method. Single point "bruited diamond" dressers are made with Congo Rounds mounted in a matrix. The diamond dresser length ranges from 40mm-60mm and above. The materials used in diamond dresser varies from natural diamond, HSS, carbide and so on. The diameter ranges from 15mm-25mm and above. They are used for finish grinding and so on.

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The Diamond dresser tools bonding material is metal mixture powder. The functional parts of the tool are usually diamond portion. These tools include metal-bonded diamond saw blades, diamond grinding cup wheels, diamond core drill bits and so on.

                              For metal-bonded diamond tools, the bond is one of the prime factors when selecting which tool to use for cutting or abrading a specific material, depending on how hard or abrasive the material is. The bond used dictates the rate at which the metallic powders wear down and expose new diamond crystals at the surface, thereby maintaining an abrasive cutting surface. 





Dimension of grind

Abrasive type

Grit size


Sharp edged

Finely finished

Robust design


Excellent performance



It is used in factories, Industries, Workshops and so on.



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