Brazed tip tool

A tipped tool generally refers to any cutting tool where the cutting edge consists of a separate piece of material, either brazed, welded or clamped on to a separate body. Common materials for tips include tungsten carbide, polycrystalline diamond, and cubic boron nitride.

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Braze tip is to help control the direction of the chip, which naturally curves into the work due to the difference in length from the outer and inner parts of the cut. It also helps counteract the pressure against the tool from the work by pulling the tool into the work.

                  Side Rake along with back rake controls the chip flow and partly counteracts the resistance of the work to the movement of the cutter and can be optimized to suit the particular material being cut. Brass.



  • Tools providing for long lasting service support
  • Tools developed in adherence to universally accepted quality standards
  • Suitable for precision handling of turning, boring, grooving, parting and other lathe operations
  • Available in different shank size and shank lengths
  • Also suitable to be used as boring & machine tools
  • Coming with fine finish and high tensile strength
  • Anti-corrosive and dimensionally accurate finish
  • Suitable to be used in conventional lathes
  • Available in different grades for wide material groups



It is used in industries, factories, workshops, etc

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