Digital Torque Wrench

Digital torque wrench is designed to measure torque accurately. It is available with an accuracy of 10 to 100% at an operating temperature of 32 to 104C. The digital torque wrench is widely used in industrial, automotive, aerospace and many other sectors.

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Detailed Description for Digital Torque Wrench

The digital torque wrench is mainly used to tighten bolts and nuts by applying a specific torque. With this device, a user can measure the torque applied to meet the specifications. This device have long lever arm between the device head and device handle. The calibrated scale is incorporated on the handle whilst the handle’s deflection is proportional with the torque and cantilever arm. 


The digital torque operates on 4 AAA batteries up to 40 hours approximately. 

It has thin profile, high-strength tear drop head and user friendly

The accuracy of this device in clockwise direction is +/- 2% and in counter clockwise direction is +/- 3%. 

The digital torque wrench is integrated with red, yellow and green lights that alert the user when desired torque is reached.

This device digitally tracks down the torque measurement.

It can store approximately 50 data points in five selectable units such as Nm, ft-lbs, in-lbs, kg-cm and degree. 

The flexible head of digital wrench gives good access.


1. Beam Torque Wrench

2. Deflecting Beam Torque Wrench

3. Electronic Torque Wrench

4. Programmable Electronic Torque Angle Wrench

5. No-Hub Torque Wrench

6. Hydraulic Torque Wrench

7. Click-Type Torque Wrench

8. Mechatronic Torque Wrench

9. Slipper-Type Torque Wrench

10. Impact Torque Wrench


Useful for daily assembly applications

Programmable torque settings

Sensory signal is given when the desired torque level is achieved

Available for four different unit measurements: Nm, ft-lbs, in-lbs, kg-cm

Bi-directional, heavy duty, flexible head

LCD screen for clear visibility

Battery Operation


Automotive industries

Heavy engineering industries



Defense Organizations





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Seema S

Choosing the product Posted on 8/12/2016

While choosing digital torque wrench, it is crucial to consider price, quality, product features and durability.

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Seema S

Choosing a digital torque wrench Posted on 8/12/2016

It is essential to consider price, quality, product features and durability of the product.

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