Flat Top City Tower Cranes

Flat Top Tower Cranes belongs to the category of tower cranes. The loading capacity of this crane is 4~18T, maximum lifting height span from 200M and above. These cranes are used for civilian, commercial and various other purposes.

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Detailed Description for Flat Top City Tower Cranes

Flat top tower cranes don’t have the “tops” of conventional cranes; they can be used in conjunction with other tower cranes at sites where space is confined or near the airports.

A working crane is a profitable crane, and Flat Top tower cranes are built to work.

They’re well suited for heavy lifting and placement duties on the most challenging jobsites. And they can also help you save time on other jobsite duties by easily moving materials from one area to another.

From the efficient setup that gets you working quickly to the variety of jobsite duties it can handle, you’ll get great value from your Terex® tower crane every day.

The CTT series includes crane models from 50 to 720 mt.


  • Quality manufacturing designed for reliable performance hour after hour
  • Easy maintenance access and built-in safety features to keep downtime to a minimum
  • Ergonomic cabs provide the comfort required for long hours on the job

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