850VA Inverter-APC

This product is a high performance back up power inverter that supports business and lightning appliances. It has a sinewave technology that supports heavy power consuming electronics without making the annoying humming noise. It has an intelligent design with a home or away switch. The input voltage ranges between 100 – 260 V.

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The APC 850VA Inverter is built on intelligent designing methodology. This means that all elements are finely incorporated on the device for its smooth functioning without affecting its look. This device is available in a matt black coat. It is equipped with a brilliant battery charging indicator that showcases when it is fully charged on in a charging mode. The LED indicator also helps understand power unit and status of the same with a visual indicator. It also has a UPS Inverter switch that allows you to use multiple devices at the same time such as a computer and fans or lights. One of the top features of this product is the Home or Away switch that keeps your battery charged and ready to be used even when you are not around.

Visual Indicators

The APC 850VA Inverter has a LED status indicator that highlights the power usage and battery functions such as charging or drained. 


Audio Alarms

The audible alarm notifies any change in utility power and power conditions of the UPS. The audible alarm noise at 1 meter from surface is approximately 45 decibels.


Battery Charging & Management

The APC 850VA Inverter usually takes about 10 hours of charging time. It does not have an internal but an external battery system. Its intelligent battery charging runs on a microprocessor controlled, 3 –stage regulated process ensuring fastest recharging time without decreasing battery life. 



The battery input fuse of this device updates you on the status of charging or a fully charged battery. The charger out selector allows you to match the battery output to the given battery size ensuring you of the longest possible battery life preventing under and over charging.


Power Input

The input voltage ranges between 100 – 260 V.


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