Industrial Stabilizer

Industrial Stabilizer are used for supplying continuous output and input voltage in situations of fluctuating power supply. These stabilizers maintain the load conditions and protect the sensitive and expensive electronic items from damage. The unique feature in our range of industrial stabilizers is that it draws lesser current as compared to other.

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Detailed Description for Industrial Stabilizer


·         Maximum work ability

·         Low power consumption

·         Elevated service life

·         Industry proven design

·         Maintenance free

·         Hassle free performance Durable

·         Rugged construction

·         High efficiency

·         Low Voltage / High Voltage protection

·         Rugged construction

·         Long working life

·         High strength

·         No-lack distortion in waveform

·         Reliable performance

·         Support long-term operation

·         Long-time no break working

·         Customized function: Time-delay, Under-voltage, Over-voltage



·         High technology: Programmed control computerized

·         Fashion design: LCD display which can show all protection functions.

·         Quality insurance: Main spare parts made by ourselves

·         Perfect protection function: Over/low voltage protection, over-heat/load protection, short circuit protection.

·         High efficiency: More than 95%

·         Excellent insulation and windings

·         Ideal for indoor and outdoor installation

·         Motor can withstand the high current

·         Integrated with relays, contractors and switch gears

·         Reduction in unwanted loss of energy

·         Protection of Electrical equipment

·         Improve power factor in situation of high voltage

·         Excellent efficiency with reduced MDI



·         Computer

·         Test equipment

·         Light system

·         Safe alarm system

·         Ray equipment

·         Medical equipment

·         Copy machine

·         Stereo equipment

·         Numerical control machine tools

·         Industrial automation equipment

·         Color and drying equipment

·         Test equipment

·         Hi-Fi equipment

·         Cement Plant

·         Distilleries & Beverages

·         Food processing Units

·         Flour Mills Engineering Units

·         Cold Storage

·         Pharmaceutical Units

·         Paper Mills

·         Rolling Mills

·         Textile Mills

·         Rubber Industries



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