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Vectus Blow Moulded Tanks, Rotational Moulded Tanks and various kinds of plastic moulded articles for agricultural and household purposes. Vectus has installed the state-of-the-art plants at all their production facilities. The plants, one of their kind in the subcontinent, encompass the complete process inhouse, beginning from extrusion.

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·         Rounded edges to avoid stress formation.

·         Computer Aided Design (CAD) incorporating the principles of Finite Element Analysis.

·         Unique Heat Reflective Technology for enhanced durability and avoidance of plastic degradation by sun rays.

·         Inner anti-bacterial layer resistant to all kinds of bacteria, fungii and yeasts

·         Increased life of the tank

·         Odourless water

·         Better quality of water, which means better health for you & your family.


Performance, Quality & Reliability
We are fast emerging as the company that innovates to make life easier for you. Whether it is the pipes that we brought and changed the way the people looked at durability, hygiene, aesthetics and value for money in pipes. Each innovation at Vectus has been identified with Performance, Quality and Reliability. No wonder we are the country's fastest growing company in the category of plastic products. 

Heat Reflective Technology
Our proprietary Heat Reflective Technology on the outer layer ensures that a the water in the tank remains cool as the highly reflective finish of the outer layer reflects most of the sunrays back into the atmosphere. This gives our tanks a much better and long life and also

Unique Threaded Lid
The consumer friendly feature of the tanks is the threaded lid. This ensures that the tank stays tightly screwed shut and sealed for safety and it also enhances the sleek appearance of the tanks.

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