Welding Torch

Welding torches are light in weight, safe to use and are in conformation with the international quality standards. They are used in various applications like construction, miscellaneous farm and ranch works, auto body work and sometime even for metal and steel artwork.

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In electric welding, the torch conducts electric current to the electrode and carries the shielding gas to the arczone of the welding arc. In gas welding, the torch serves to adjust the mixture of gases and to guide the welding flame. The torch may bemoved along the edges being welded by hand (in manual or semiautomatic welding) or automatically (in automatic welding).

Welding torches used in electric welding with consumable electrodes have a head equipped with an interchangeable tip through which theelectrode wire extends. The head conducts the current and guides the electrode. A stream of gas is fed through a guide nozzle; the gasshields the weld puddle and the electrode from the atmosphere. Torches used with nonconsumable electrodes have a head equipped with acurrent-carrying collet clamp.

Welding torches used in gas welding feed the fuel gases, such as acetylene and oxygen, to the weld site. The gases pass through twochannels and regulating valves and then enter a mixing chamber, where a combustible mixture is prepared; the mixture then enters the head.Low-pressure torches are equipped with a built-in injector that provides suction of the fuel gases. In high-pressure torches, the fuel gas is fedunder pressure from gas generators or from cylinders.



·         Optimum strength

·         Easy to handle

·         Light in weight

·         Valve can be installed,flexible gun and flexible gun with valve   

·         The converted connector can serve with all forms of welding machine.

·         Rubber flexible gun with a high insulation   


·         Two kinds of switches can be mounted single control and dual-control switch 


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