CERA-Shower Partitions

CERA Shower partitions are available in different sizes .This stylish Shower partitions will decorate your bathroom and bring an aesthetic appeal. Shop for the Cera Shower partitions for your home and bring a stylish facade in your bathroom. It will surely make a great addition for your lovely home.

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Detailed Description for CERA-Shower Partitions

FEATURES OF  CORNEL   Shower Partitions

•     Adjustability for upto 10 cm size

•     5 mm thick clear fixed glass and 6 mm thick sliding glass

•     Easy to install aluminum frames



FEATURES OF CRANFORD  Shower Partitions:

•     Adjustability for upto 4 cms

•     5 mm thick clear glass

•     Easy to install aluminum frames


FEATURES OF CADET  Shower Partition:


  •  Partition for separate dry and wet area
  •  Sliding door
  •  Available in two sizes


FEATURES OF  COLTEN  Shower Partitions:

  •  Length tolerance 3 cm + 3 cm
  •  Available in customized sizes
  •  Frames made from 5052 aluminum alloy in white and silver finish
  •  Sliding door
  •  6 mm high quality clear glass





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