Slide & Fold Doors

These doors are engineered using high quality uPVC window and door profiles as well as superior hinge and locking systems that are reliable and secure. The rollers along which the doors slide, offer a smooth glide and dependable performance with solid design & expert engineering.

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About Product :-

These doors offer contemporary style, practical design and excellent reliability. The fold and slide door provides superior opening performance and smooth integration into any architectural style.



These systems are widely use in top class buildings structures such as Bungalows or Luxurious Hotels premium quality Condominiums & Showrooms. These systems are able to satisfy most stringent requirements in terms of weather tightness thermal and acoustic insulation thus providing with highest level of comfort and greatly enhance the inhabitants living or working environment. 



Multi Chambers :-

Multi chamber design with internal webs for additional stability, provides excellent heat and sound insulating properties.

Reinforcement :-

Isolated amply dimensioned strong galvanised Steel reinforcement imparts high inertia strength and stability to the windows & Doors.

Screw Ports

Specially designed screw ports in profiles facilitates hardware installation, whilst at the same time ensuring the hardware is properly secured.

Drainage Chamber

Specially designed drainage and pressure equalization chambers prevent energy losses, draught and entry of dust particles.



Special interlock profiles used in conjunction with twin brush seals improves insulation performance of sliding doors & windows.

Twin Seals

Twin seals of internal and external EPDM gaskets improve air and water tightness.

Euro Grove:-

It is designed to European standards allows for wide variety of industrial available hardware and multi locking mechanisms to be easily installed to provide maximum security.



Enhanced stability with glazing rebate height and specific glazing block & glazing wedges for different glass thickness facilitates with choosing glazing beads of different sizes.

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