Pivot Windows

Pivot Window is a type of wooden windows that is provided with a sash which rotates about horizontal and fixed pivots and it is the best choice for house owners who wish to have maximum ventilation in rooms .The thickness can be 0.8 mm,2.5 mm with sizes being 4*3 ft,3*2 ft of various colors like white,red etc.and being available in customized sizes and colors as per requirement.They are most suited for multi-storey buildings and also that requires large windows in homes,offices,etc.

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Detailed Description for Pivot Windows


Pivot widows, the window sash revolves widow frame that allows for a wider frame and also it is available in large window sizes which is most suitable for owners who requires maximum ventilation in rooms. By pivot mechanism the pivot window sash is secured to the frame of the window by pivot mechanism which is located mid-way along opposing window that can swing inwards either horizontally or vertically based on the location of pivot mechanism.


      Pivot windows have full ventilating option that allows maximum amount of fresh air and opens up to angle of 90 degree and the sash of the window can be removed easily to provide convenient access to outdoors.


    Pivot windows are a good option for lofts, attics and the owners may choose replacement pivot windows for porch areas, staircases and for rooms that doesn’t require screens. It is also used for emergency exits and when installed as an egress restrictors it prevents intruders from entering.

Weather Resistance and Energy Efficient:

         A quality replacement window offers necessary resistance to weather elements and windows thermal insulating capability is determined by the framing material and windows glazing so replacement windows must possess an adequate weather-stripping barrier to seal the window in a suitable manner.

Framing materials:

    Replacement pivot windows are available in wood clad, fiberglass and vinyl frames and the level of thermal insulation and weather resistance is partially determined by framing materials.


    Composite pivot windows includes fiberglass window frames with an wood windows or interior wood frame with vinyl or aluminum cladding and the replacement composite pivot windows are created feom blend of wood chips and recycled plastic which makes them plastic free and do not deteriorate.


     Fiberglass replacement pivot window are considered to be stronger and durable frame material when compared to vinyl window frames though it is expensive. It is constructed into hollow areas which then built into frames and being filled with insulation. They do not require much maintenance and the expansion and contraction is limited which doesn’t place undue stress on the glass.


    Aluminum replacement pivot window frames have limited insulating property and it is available in relatively less cost. An aluminum frame that includes thermal breaks helps in increasing the energy efficiency of an aluminum frame by separating the interior and exterior surfaces of the pivot window frame.

Wood Clad:

      Wood window frames offers best insulation against weather elements if they aren’t maintained properly they may warp or rot. They have an attached external treated aluminum or vinyl cladding that protects the exterior of frame and these windows doesn’t require much maintenance which is also durable.



   A vinyl replacement window is considered to be maintenance free durable and inexpensive framing window. They are available in wide range of colors and are also energy efficient frames and it shouldn’t be painted so that the color frames lasts longer.

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